Whatever you decide after seeing this page is up to you. Ultimately my purpose is to inform you about the abortion issue in an easy-to-understand fashion, and -- perhaps -- challenge your earlier views. Nobody was given the four human endowments of self-awareness, independent will, creative imagination, and conscience, to parrot "popular" views or to be a wishy-washy fence sitter, but to Decide Things. Only then are we free thinkers; only then do we have core security. But take some time! Make the break after reading what others have related here. "Illusion is not Reality." You already know the mainstream media opinion, so forget their BS for a little while and go forth, letting your gut and heart keep you posted. All experiences in life are positive if we learn from them. Think, be proactive, and above all, don't react. Remember, we must be considerate of others' opinions, surely... but we must also have courage to voice ours, as well. Now, on to the action.

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