The Last Word(s)

[Nobody's perfect.] The Irish and the English in "union," the Jews and Palestinians, India and Pakistan, the Arabs and the rest of us, liberals and conservatives. Nobody is looking at their own screwed up paradigms, it's always "the other guy." Why don't adults grow up emotionally, be responsible? Nevermind.

Some articles and information on this page are a year old, but that doesn't mean they are any less frightening. I remember when two women from Planned Parenthood came to my high school two years ago from the Tri-Cities clinic to talk to us. Several people I knew who were active church members could not be dissuaded by the women, and by the end of the discussion session, they looked quite stupid. The women could not defend and counter their abortion position. They tried to lie to us: "Pro-choice doesn't mean Pro-abortion." Like hell it doesn't. "We counsel the women before they get an abortion and try to get them not to have one... we want to to fully understand" the services, and as a result, one "can't get an abortion easily. There is parental consent, and ... often several counseling sessions." But on the whole we could feel that abortion was all these fedgov mongers truly wanted. Sadists they are, without a half a conscience among them. Now perhaps I am being unduly harsh, but abortion seems to me to be the stupidest thing. It truly is for "convenience" sake and nothing can shake me out of my pro-life tree. Stay outside of the moral Eden if you want, but it would take God to kick me out. (Of course, I am not an active member of any particular church, and am not perfect, but you get my meaning, do you not?)

To learn from the experiences of other people -- that's being wise. So be pro-life -- we can save the lives of those who will appreciate it later, and delay the decision of becoming pro-abortion later. Our laws are based on morals: "Thou shalt not kill," and "Thou shalt not steal." Religion is the essence of our law system. Consequently, we should seek to Choose the Right, thus avoiding wrongs. It's intrinsic.

On a personal note -- the Golden Rule is wrong. Treat others as they want to be treated. If you want to be treated like an idiot, act like one. Respect is not commanded, but earned, and the quickest way to impress me is by not trying to. There is nothing wrong with being pro-life in word and deed.

You'll be glad you did.

Surely your mother was.

And as only George Bush could say:
"Thank you, good night, and God bless the United States of America."
strictly speaking, click here to hear him say it.

Should you like to meet me sometime and talk about abortion, the meaning of life, or sports, I'd rather not. But if you want to buy me dinner, fine. (I don't eat much.) And leave your gun at home. I'm not foolish -- I'm pro-life. If the affirmation of life is your thang, you love yourself unconditionally, and you (then) love others, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG. Not permanently anyway.

Thank you for visiting this site and good luck in life.