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You are in your House! "Who does not know another language, does not speak his own," wrote Goethe. Welcome! Bienvenidos! Huan Ying! Yokoso! Dobro Pozhalovat'! Grüß gott! Dobry den! Bienvenue! Elahshymasse! YA-sas! Jó napot! Czesc! Olá! Sdrastvooeyteeah! Goethe was right, and the same stands for opinions. For example, one must understand, if not believe, both the theory of evolution and the workings of religion. Get me? Well then, y'all are welcome to learn a little bit about the pro-life position.

Pict: 'Smile! Your Mother was Pro-Life!' Carolyn, I think I finally reached a mutually pleasing outcome for the html and cropped the junk off this unique image I made. All is Well. Sort of.
Carolyn, everything works.

Ya 'lak it? Good, I'm glad. The idea came from a bumper sticker--I'm not that creative ya know. Just witty. I was in a mind to start a Pro-Life Webring. Find out there're already FOUR. Really. So now, mine's just a simple yet fantastic informational site. Good deal?

To the die-hard pro-choicers: Yeah, like I don't agree with Reverend Jesse Jackson or the anti-Prop 209 riling of races, but I went to listen to him anyway, you know? It affirmed my opinions, but I went in with an open mind. Non-malicious, like. So even if you don't agree with the Pro-Life position (like my sentiments vs the Rev's), read my site over and maybe you'll change your mind. If not and you were objective, I'm not going to say anything. If your conscience is screwed it's not my prob! ;-)

If you would like to suggest anything, write to For now my stance it seems to be one of life affirmation. On the other hand, I'd like to hear what you have to say... so maybe I'll have a guest book up. Stay tuned!

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Last update: August 26, 1997 This page was conceived some time ago (April 26, 1997), but the real work began on August 1, 1997. This page is dedicated to Rosie. Visit my Real Homepage!
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