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Kenneth Ott
South East S.F. Bay Area
Age 18
1983 SFCBF TTC Prince
Eagle Scout T186
SCS co97
Graduate of a 2000-student high school.
Univ of CA freshman

Food tolerances. I am easily satisfied; yet, this is NOT a throwback from my pickier days; BSA stripped away my inhibitions...
    I HATE:
  • spinach with raw eggs, brussel sprouts
  • coffee, beer
  • lung soup and sheep head
  • anything alive. "ants are protein"
  • hair in my food
  • Brocolli
  • Kool-Aid pancakes
  • Dorm food

    Yeah right, marshmallow alert, please put away the crack pipe...

    I LOVE:
  • Cinamon Life, Cap'n Crunch, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Shredded Wheat/strawberry
  • Whole-wheat bagels
  • Rice in all forms, Makizushi, Manju, water chesnuts
  • Restaurants, i.e.: Chezpannise, El Torrito,
From primary school until high school, every morning was either Cream of Wheat or Quaker Oatmeal, often with OJ and fruit. Late in high school and now as a freshman again, I get toast, scrambled eggs con queso, fruit, and oatmeal.
Lunches are always from home, rarely supplemented by food faster than ten minutes.
Dinner? Last several years have been chicken city. (But with lots of other good stuff.)

Piano from age 4 to 14, ditto for soccer (my fave sport along with cycling and running -- and fishing and hiking; camping is great), attended multiple elementary schools (go figure), JLS for 12+ years, "cultural education" during summer '96 three-week Europe trip, NMHS alum, BSA for 7+ years, swimming lessons for 4, tons of reading. Summer camp in foreign country; also: Wente, Royaneh, Los Moches, Chiwanake reservations.

- I am sometimes believed to be a nice person, probably owing from my looks. I am amorphous. You should know that I am not a nice person, though I sometimes try or pretend to be. Lots of skeletons fill my necropolcloset. Sang said I need to be more assertive and self-confident; I don't present myself well, especially in oral communications, but written, too.

- Driving personality: Type A with fits of mild Road Rage, and sometimes egotistical, arrogant, self-centric, and self-conscious. "My cars are dope." Takes everything personally. Only operates under the "driving personality" while behind a dashboard.

Life experiences
It would be really fun to have people over for dinner -- after all, we've two resident cooks -- but that would be setting a precedent. I cannot remember a time when we had people over in the last decade. Life is too busy.
I've never "almost" died or broken any bones, although I remember being held underwater in Mr K's swimming pool by Elisa (she jumped on me!), which was altogether quite humbling, and lacking in oxygen.
Pets? All I ever had is dead. So what's left. . . The neighbor kids, and three orange feeder fish in my pond that are quite long (3.5-5 inches). 2 turtles, 1 rabbit, 1 min-pin, other fish, 1 ring-necked snake, several blue robin eggs which now are probably late, great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents, yellow tigertails -- butterflies like the viceroy (red admirals?).
Getting lost: I've done this in S.F. at a festival, in foreign shopping malls, in Florence, in Dwinelle Hall, and other places, mind included.

Come to think of it, my parents have been pretty formative -- this is both good and bad. They have held great influence over the has-been and will-be. I fear that they won't either be around much longer...

The ability to make and keep friends is important. After realizing that he is being rude to Dilbert the recruiter, a college job-seeker exclaims, "People skills!" Duh!? Well, "to have friends you must be a friend," I've always thought. I do not choose not to be a friend, I just don't think about it. Why? I'm an ISTJ; I don't feel. Oftentimes I don't even think about courtesies that other people do automatically. Not that I'm actively being rude, it just never occurst to me. My friends get used to it. (They don't take what I do or say personally, but understand.) But hey, I'm working on it!

I hate writing "I," but it's hard to get any point across about "me" without using "I." It's hard to be normal; it's hard to just be, to let! Besides, who wants a desperate, needy person for a friend, which I often am? (Usually because of schoolwork)

Tsk, tsk. Some of my friends have been so for days and weeks; others for months and years. I have a moral dilemma: that people come and go (out of your life), like Teresa, Michael, and Cindy. Then there are the people you don't really ever get to know, period. It's hard to deal with though in some cases helpful, but we cope.

Now onto the important stuff(!). I like a variety of music stations, notably KLLC, KYLD, KBRG, and K101.
Now onto the Real important stuff. I've had several bikes and the current one is a Mongoose Rockadile. It's dope and loaded. Road tires would be nice, however. My room... What's in my room? Since my house is done in earth tones, so is my bedroom. The custom-made oak bookshelf and desk are nice, though the desk is a couple inches too high. There is also an oak bed, and we cannibalized a previous desk to make a 'chest of drawers.' My earliest desk, I remember, was a cardboard box. Anyway my room is 10' by 10' and white. There is a closet which houses most of my clothes. Two lights illuminate the room: a lawyer's lamp and a regular lamp. Since I have a five by five window in front of the desk and a large backyard, the room is usually quite light. Natural light is best -- three skylights help.

The Future
Now onto the MOST IMPORTANT issues.
No one can ever know what the future will hold; what turns will one take on any given glide-path, what will the Olympians dictate, how will the stars favor you, when will The Button be depressed, blah blah blah? Back to the topic at hand, it's a noble pasttime to claim you'll be on the Pro-Bowlers Tour next year, in the Final Four in two years, or rich in ten -- but what is this kind of goalsetting really doing? Talk is cheap; what are you doing now to get there? Besides, no one knows what the future will hold.
I plan not to get married. Like Jeff I don't believe in it completely. Legalized sex and joint tax returns are all I see. Still, maybe marriage would not be so bad. Yet, I would be a bad parent and husband, and I don't want that for anybody. Well, I am honest. Another societal dilemma. May Pallas Athene grant us the wisdom to use the knowledge of information.

All of us have role models, mentors, confidants, and advisors. Mine include: some of my friends above, my parents, my Mormon friends, Dr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, Steven Spielberg, and Madonna. I would like to dedicate this page to the above and Princess Diana, whom one of my late pets was namesaked. As stated in one of my "dilemmas," there are those whom I don't remember by name, or even face, but to whom I also supplicate and for them, I would do anything.

Picture during an Evita shoot Evita!
Tuckered out...

From a photo shoot for
Versace, ML(V)C

Picture during a Versace shoot
It is only happenstance that Lady Diana was among the followers at Versace's funeral. More entertaining was the video clip of Elton John swearing, aired the day before. The only old stars still around are Liz Taylor, Pat Stewart, Bronson, Lemon, and Hepburn. This shouldn't cause worry -- life only gets better. If a Ronald Reagan, Isaac Asimov, or Michael Jordan goes, another will take his place, save for abortion.

Ultimately though, no one can be as unique as another.

In Summary: "Was this page really about Ken Ott?"
Yes, everything here or not here says something about who I am.
Would you not agree?

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