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The stock market is part of a system: the securities industry. It is also part of other systems: banking, government, and telecommunications. If any of these systems fails, the securities industry simply disappears. Sayonara. (Given the capitalization and solvency problems of Japan's banking system, I think "sayonara" is the appropriate word.)

The securities industry is not Year 2000-compliant. Of course, neither is banking, government, or telecommunications. Tom Lehrer back in the 1960's wrote and sang a song: "We'll all go together when we go. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and every Joe." The song was about nuclear war. It applies quite well to y2k. Systems are systems. They are interdependent.

The securities industry's rating services such as Moody's, Dun & Bradstreet, and Standard & Poor's, have not yet used y2k compliance or y2k repair costs as categories in estimating the future performance of a company. This may seem peculiar at first, but think about it. If they all go together when they go, then why single out any company? Why call attention to the problem of one company if everyone is equally at risk? Why create a panic prematurely?

At some point, perhaps one of these services will begin to highlight y2k in its assessment of particular companies. Perhaps companies will even begin to advertise, "We're Year 2000-compliant." But I doubt it. This is the problem that airlines face if they start promoting themselves with ads saying, "We're a safe airline." First, any airline may experience a plane crash next week. Second, no airline wants to remind people that planes do sometimes crash.

When I think of the securities industry and y2k, I think "crash."

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06-Apr-98   60% Chance of Recession: Yardeni
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07-Apr-98   70% of Businesses in Asia Will Fail, Says Y2K Expert
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11-May-98   SEC Chairman: Old-Fashioned American Business Survivalism
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14-May-98   Australia's Economy Could Lose 1% (If They're Lucky)
15-May-98   SEC Offers a List of Y2K Questions for Your Broker
18-May-98   Stock Market Woes in 1999, Predicts Dutch Banker
27-May-98   No Big Problem, Says Abby Cohen
10-Jun-98   Freeze Stock Options, Bonuses until 2001
15-Jun-98   U.S. Companies Are Stonewalling the SEC
15-Jun-98   Law Professor Warns of Stock Market Fall Due to Y2K
15-Jun-98   The High Cost of Not Fixing Y2K: Yardeni

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