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I won't spend much space on this. Here's the basic problem.

Railroads carry things in freight cars. Each car has a number on its side. This number is entered into a computer. "Car 54000, where are you?" You check this on a mainframe computer.

These cars are leased by the railroad companies, often from limited partnerships set up to buy cars. The railroads send these cars from place to place, hoping to maximize their return. They transfer cars to other railroads temporarily if it's profitable. "Where's our car?" Check the mainframe computer.

Trains are often controlled by computers located a thousand miles away. Where's one train right now in relation to any other train on that track? The computer knows.

Is this any way to run a railroad? It is . . . until January 1, 2000. "Well, they gave him his orders at Monroe, Virginia, saying, 'Steve, you're way behind time. This is not 48, but it's old 97. You must put her into Spencer on time.' " And so forth.

Can't you do the switching manually? No. The manual switches are gone. Even if you could, where would you find the switchmen? In retirement homes. In graves.

The system goes down on January 1, 2000. In Detroit, New York, and Chicago, it will be chilly outside. Electrical power generating plants run on coal. Maybe 20% of power is generated by coal. Maybe more in some systems. Where's the coal?

Wheat. Corn. Chemicals. Think about it. Maybe you could design a party game. Everyone suggests an item which, if unavailable, would paralyze a city first. The players vote at the end. The winner gets a month's supply of dried food.

Think of a giant switch that every train must cross before going on to its destination. Then imagine what it would be like if the switch refused to work on schedule. The United States has such a switch. It's called Chicago.

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25-May-98   A Web Site Devoted to Maritime Shipping and Y2K
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28-May-98   United Airlines: 11,000 Noncompliant Systems
28-May-98   FAA's Timeline: Official Deadlines for Y2K Success
28-May-98   FAA's Long, 39-Tasks Program to Get Compliant
29-May-98   FAA Says It Will Meet Deadline: July, 1999
29-May-98   FAA Provides Camouflaged Bad News on Its Web Site
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10-Jun-98   U.S. Dept. of Transportation Can't Be Fixed, Says DOT's Y2K Manager
12-Jun-98   The FAA Can Operate at 38% Capacity: Koskinen

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