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This is no hypothetical event. Time is running out. Whatever you're going to do in response to the information on this site, you had better do it with all deliberate speed. Time is of the essence. It is time to make plans and count costs.

There is a basic trade-off in economics: time vs. money. The less time you have to achieve something, the more money it will cost to achieve it.

It will not take anything like a majority of people to set off a worldwide banking panic. You may find then that you have little time and less money.

When a major system fails because of y2k, you will have far less ability to reach your goals. You will have many competitors bidding up the prices of the goods that matter and selling off the goods that don't.

Check this clock from time to time. It's a good lesson in self-discipline. See how your plans are progressing.

He who hesitates is lost. A stitch in nine saves time. Procrastination kills. And so forth.

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21-Jan-97   Countdown: Second-by-Second Clock

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