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Your bank has only a little cash in it. Whatever you've deposited has been loaned out. You have been promised that you can draw out all of your money at any time. The banker assumes that you won't do this, and if you do, some other depositor will put in about as much money.

Sometime between now and June, 2000 -- probably in July, 1999 -- this assumption will die, all over the world. When depositors see that their money may disappear in the scrambling of the banks' computers, they will go down and demand payment in cash. On that day, the mother of all bank runs will begin. It will spread to every bank on earth.

That day will be written up in history textbooks for the next thousand years, minimum. It will mark the end of an experiment in central banking that began in 1694 with the founding of the Bank of England.

The run may not start in the United States. It could well start in Japan. Japanese housewives control the pool of investment money in Japan. If they think their families' capital is at risk, they will very politely go down and get cash. Japanese banks use U.S.-built mainframe computers with the Millennium Bug built in.

The banking system provides us with our means of payment. We don't use gold and silver coins any more to buy and sell. We use credit instruments. These refer back to entries in computers. But what if those entries were increasingly incorrect? We could see bank runs as people convert to cash. That would call the entire banking system into question. Interest rates would get astronomical in any move to cash. Banks would have to offer high rates to lure back depositors. In a worldwide move to cash, the word "recession" would not do justice to the economic effects.

Small, local banks keep their overnight deposits in the large money center banks. So, if the big banks go down, so will the small ones. The banking system is a system. Distrust of the big banks, from New York to Japan, will spread to all the others. No bank will be immune.

Bank runs could destroy the existing means of payment. The inverted pyramid of bank credit could topple. If the means of payment breaks down, the division of labor breaks down. This would move us from the economy of 2000 to 1900 -- just as mainframe computers will be reading 2000! The huge population increase of the 20th century would be threatened with reversal. The division of labor has made this increase possible. Life in a large city would become very difficult. Riots would be likely.

It's unthinkable. But if the banks really do go down, it could happen. What will we use for money in the year 2000 if they do go under?

But is the banking system really this vulnerable? Yes. Will anyone in authority admit this? Are you kidding? Do most people believe there's a problem? Not in 1997. Maybe they won't in 1998. In 1999, it will be widely believed. In 1999 or 2000, it will come true. The widespread belief that the banks could go down will bring them down.

What can the world's central banks do to stem the panic? First, they can get their governments to limit cash withdrawals by law. Then they can print paper money. If they do either or both, this will end men's faith in the banking system and the capital markets based on it. Capital markets will collapse in a wave of selling, while consumer goods prices denominated in paper money will soar.

We will see a breakdown in money payments. The social division of labor will collapse as a result. Unemployment will soar to levels never seen in the Great Depression. Computer-denominated wealth will disappear. There will be no giant sucking sound, as Ross Perot has put it. There will be the sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

All modern governments rest on banks. Without the banks, tax collection stops. The national tax collectors cannot come and take a percentage of your garden. Governments will not be able to pay money out or take money in. Banks are the heart of the tax and payments system, and fractional reserve banking as a system will not survive the year 2000.

The end of the fractional reserve banking system and the nation state is imminent. Plan ahead.

Of course, this sounds crackpotty today. So does the idea that not putting "19" or "20" in a century slot could shut down a computer. But it can. It will.

Think about it. How will you get paid in the year 2000? I am making my personal plans on this assumption: I won't be paid.

When the computers see 00, they will think it's 1900. Within a few months after the rollover, economically speaking, it may be.

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21-Mar-98   Sen. Bennett Says That FED Will Print Money
21-Mar-98   Federal Reserve Short-Changes Banks on Their Y2K Efforts
21-Mar-98   I'll Bet You Didn't Get Invited!!!
06-Apr-98   FED Says 90% of Bank Assets Are Electronic
06-Apr-98   FED Says, It's a Matter of Institutional Survival
06-Apr-98   The Threat to the Mortgage Industry
06-Apr-98   The Most Compliant Large US Bank Isn't Compliant
06-Apr-98   Sell Your Home, Buy Gold, Stockpile Cash, Says British Banker
07-Apr-98   Government Document: No Hope, But in Bureaucratese
07-Apr-98   International Bank Wire Transfer System: Test in July, 1999
07-Apr-98   Australian Banks: Many Have Barely Begun the Repairs
07-Apr-98   90% of US Banks Rely on External Vendors for Their Data Processing
07-Apr-98   Chase Manhattan: Not Yet at Code Remediation Phase
09-Apr-98   International Banking Conference on Y2K: Crisis Mode
09-Apr-98   Bank for International Settlements: Press Release on Y2K
09-Apr-98   Yardeni's Speech to the BIS: Worldwide Crisis Looms
13-Apr-98   Bankers Report That the Industry Is Not Close to Compliance
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30-Apr-98   FED Will Spend $100 Million to Get Compliant (Real Soon Now)
30-Apr-98   Beyond Repair: Siam Bank Finds 3/4 of Its Systems at Risk
01-May-98   Banker Warns of a Collapse in the Financial Services Industry
01-May-98   Official Contingency Plan: Buy Compliant Software . . . Later
01-May-98   FED's Kelley Warns of Major Consequences of Y2K Repair Failure
02-May-98   80% of U.S. Banks Are Dependent on Software Vendors; No Contingency Plans in Case Vendors Fail to Deliver
04-May-98   10% of U.S. Banks Won't Make It, Says FED Advisor
04-May-98   FED Promise: Testing Will Begin in June, 1998
09-May-98   Banks to Begin Testing on June 29
11-May-98   Japanese Banks Have Barely Begun Y2K Efforts
11-May-98   Japan's Housewives Have Begun the Bank Run
14-May-98   Australian Banks to Begin Testing This October
18-May-98   Some U.S. Banks Are Only Now Considering Y2K
18-May-98   Beirut: Another Disaster in the Making
21-May-98   49 Japanese Banks: $249 Million for Y2K, Total
22-May-98   Australian Banks at Risk
22-May-98   Moody's Issues Warning on Japanese Banks
23-May-98   27 Philippine Banks Are Now Compliant . . . Soon
25-May-98   Bank of America: $350 Million Budgeted
28-May-98   Contingency Plans Ordered by Federal Government
28-May-98   Government Tells Banks to Level With Their Customers. Real Soon.
29-May-98   German Central Bank Pushes Banks Into Awareness Phase
31-May-98   Chase Manhattan Executive Says Y2K Has Many Advantages
02-Jun-98   Japan Faces Disaster: Chamber of Commerce, Japan
02-Jun-98   Japan's Banks Could Precipitate Crisis
02-Jun-98   FDIC (Noncompliant) Says Most U.S. Banks Are Making Progress
08-Jun-98   Bank of Japan's Checklist for 2000 (Aug. 19, 1997)
09-Jun-98   Canada's TD Bank: Assessment Stage
09-Jun-98   Analyst Says Y2K No Threat to Banks or Stock Market
12-Jun-98   The Bank of Montreal Will Finish Its Code Repair On. . . .
12-Jun-98   Bank of England Says a Catastrophe Is Possible
12-Jun-98   Banks Are Prohibited from Revealing Much
12-Jun-98   25% Say They Would Make a Run on the Banks

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