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1998-01-20 08:54:33


Defending the Pacific: Computer-Dependent



This series of reports on the U.S. military's defense of the Pacific reveals the extent of our dependence on computers. It is total. Without computers, we will not be able to defend the region.

Combine this series with Casper Weinberger's book, THE NEXT WAR, and you can see what will happen after 1999: the victory of Red China in Asia. One of Weinberger's scenarios is a simultaneous attack on South Korea by North Korea and on Taiwan by Red China. He says we would be hard-pressed to defend now. Without our computers, it would be impossible.

Taiwan and South Korea have bought our high technology weapons for their armed forces.

If Asia can't be defended, Red China will wind up controlling all of the high tech factories that produce our microchips. So, if we don't have an economic collapse -- or worse -- we will be at their mercy for our chips.

I see no way out on this one, if the military is as far behind on its y2k repairs as recent government reports indicate.

This scenario is an obvious implication of y2k. Nobody is talking about this in public. You can understand why not. Can you imagine the panic when investors in these nations finally realize the truth? If the Asian banking situation looks bad now, just wait.

This series appeared in FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK.


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