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1998-01-20 08:54:33


Australia: It's None of the Public's Business!



The Australian government is resisting public disclosure on the y2k status of its agencies. The bureaucrats are doing what bureaucrats are trained and paid to do: keep the voters' noses out of the bureaucrats' sovereign affairs.

This game will end in 2000. The armies of would-be sovereign bureaucrats will be out of work. All over the world.

This is from the AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW (Jan. 20).

* * * * * * * *

The Australian Stock Exchange chairman, Mr Maurice Newman, said he would like all private and public sector organisations to come clean about the problem. . . .

Year 2000 Steering Committee activities are limited to the private sector but Mr Newman said that a lack of information on government organisations could delay any required help from the private sector.

However, a spokeswoman for the Minister of Finance and Administration, Mr John Fahey, said there were no plans to release detailed reports on the year 2000 readiness, or otherwise, of the various government organisations. . . .

"The purpose of these reports is to alert Cabinet and ministers to the status of individual departments. At this stage we don't see a requirement for public disclosure," Mr Fahey's spokeswoman said.


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