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1998-01-10 15:29:56


New York State Agencies Have Just Srtarted Looking for Bad Chips



In November, 1997, a minor bureaucracy of the State of New York instructed agencies to begin looking for noncompliant chips.

Better late then never, I guess. Marginally better. Actually, maybe not. If this problem can't be fixed -- and there is no example of one large firm or government that has fixed it -- then all of the money presently devoted to fixing y2k should be spent on creating contingency systems based on pen and paper. But I know of no one who has ever said this publicly.

Any organization that cannot be operated with pens and paper is in jeopardy. New York State is one such organization.

The important thing, bureaucratically speaking, is that the coordinating agency promises to send a memo to the others. Without a memo . . . well, it would change life as we know it.

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At the November 6, 1997 Agency Year 2000 Project Managers Meeting, it was determined by agencies and the Office for Technology that each agency should designate a project manager for managing the task of bringing their agency's Embedded Systems into Year 2000 compliance.  The Office for Technology will be sending a memo to all agencies in this regard.  The first meeting of this workgroup of project managers will coincide with the next Agency Year 2000 Project Managers Meeting to be held in late January (date to be announced).  Agencies may elect to designate their current Year 2000 Project Manager as the Embedded Systems manager or another manager.  


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