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Travelling anywhere is always an adventure. Most of us have fond memories of that special beach of our younger years -- Stinson as a kid on a gray day, with brown pelicans flying overhead and the blue translucent jellies in the sand and surf and yellow daisies along the rocky cliff walls and then the incoming tide -- South Baja on a hot summer's day jumping in the pool, then the ocean, next the jacuzzi, and back to the ocean again with all the other Latino kids -- the Boardwalk as a school "field trip." Well, imagine going somewhere exotic. Not quite the Outback, mate, but somewhere exuding culture and living it up with much, much more history.

Somewhere as green and kalt as north Germany, or as busy and caliente as dirty old Roma. Yes, that's Europe. Shakespeare, fish and chips, Belfast, Milan, crepes in Beaunne, trinket and film sellers, concentration camps, the David, Lucerne, pasta galore, gelotti, continental breakfasts, gondola rides, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, Pils, mosaics, a gazillion tourists, clubs, skinheads, smoking, bombings, protests, too many languages, bedets, and other differences to appreciate... it's all there. Yet there is always home. Regardless, I'm a traveler for life; it's in my blood. Travel to Europe if you can!

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