In my photo essays you probably wondered what all the page references were for. The reason for is that I took some college "field study" coursework while in the "field" of Europe. For the purposes of my picture taking and story plots, I used various literature. To save some time I will simply repost here my "pre-departure" Phase I report:

	For the pre-departure phase requirement, I read John Hedgecoe's Complete
Photography Course; from this excellent resource I chose my photography
techniques. The techniques I chose are portraits, architecture, travel--what suits
my fancy at the time--and, capturing motion. 

	From my assorted photos, three cohesive photo essays have will be constructed.
(After organizing the hundreds of pictures--nearly 550 altogether.) Hopefully most
people will get a sense of a link between the photos. 

The Three Techniques (3, III)
	* Portraits
	* Architecture
	* Travel

Other Techniques (may be mixed in with main 3, especially travel)
	* Motion & Ghosting
	* Natural light: day and night
	* Juxtaposition

	* Doors and Signs
	* Street life: cafes, shops, performances, socializing

I have not included the end-notes, summaries, and some other papers in these photo essays because I think they would not be useful to read.