I really needed to give some credits here because of the people who made my trip something more than another "educational tour." Of course, thanks to everyone in my group and EF. Thanks also to the many people who allowed me to shoot their pictures, not the least of which include Nancie C and Christina M. In actuality, the SoHo photo in my homepage tour was taken by NC and you see the top third of it.

Post-travel work: I scanned in my photos at three places: my high school's computer lab on a color Apple One Scanner; also on a similar scanner in my university's VLSB library; and finally, at the Roberts' who have a UMAX scanner and graciously loaned me the use of it over my Winter '97 vacation.

As a last note for Photoshop wireheads ~ I did some tweaking of color saturation and hues, brightness/contrast, and color balance. Of course, I have only made the pictures clearer. Methinks I have succeeded, though not without some fun. You should know which pictures I didn't tamper with:

All the others I played with, even though I thought I was "improving" them.

As always, all of my pictures and text are copyrighted and may not be used by anyone, for anything. Thanks for dropping by! :)