Research Links

Welcome to R&D! There are plenty of links here to help you with your research or to help you waste time.

Basic Informations

CL: Lucy's Country Garden -- Cucumber Types
Cucumber Family wild varieties, Oregon primary school
Cucumber Cucumis sativus L. History and origins. (cool!!)
Tomato Dispute / Cucumber Vine Problems (interesante)

Hardcore Research

University Level Projects

Disease Management In Home-Grown Cucumbers, Melons and Squash (North Dakota State Univ.)
North Carolina State University - Cucumber Breeding Project
UC Pest Management Guidelines for Potato & Cucumber Mosaics (UC Davis)
Cucumber Varieties - Pickling - Mississippi Lawns and Gardens. (MSU co-op extension service)
Cucumber Beetles
Curcurbitacin Bait for Cucumber Beetles (West Virginia Univ.)


Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative
1996 Pickling Cucumber Improvement Conference Program and Abstracts * Saturday, 5 October 1996 * Hyatt Regency - Lexington, Kentucky

Anti-Cucumber (Una Mas)

Agdia pathogen description - Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Images Only / Time-wasters

SMR 58 Cucumber (just a pic)
Cucumber flower (in japanese, but all you gotta see is the picture)
Organic Gardening: Lemon Cucumber - 1940s Seed Packet
Using Chinese Cucumber ("medicinal" properties?)
Abalone and Sea Cucumber Menu (for the heck of it)