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Recipies involving the use of the cucumber. . . these I thought up off the top of my head:

Gazpacho soup
various salads
Cucumber bread
Tabuli (Greek-Middle Eastern)

As with any cooking, good cook books are a must. The Boston Cooking School's Fannie Farmer Cookbook and James Beard's How to Eat Better for Less Money are excellent starting points. Also, go down to your local libary and check out the stuff--it's sitting on shelves for you to experiment with.

And also as surprising, Weight Watcher's cookbooks have some not only edible, but tasty, concoctions. Truly. ("What?" you may ask. Truth be known, I'm an 18 year old male who's never dieted, thanks very much.) Try their oatmeal scones! But enough -- back to the topic at hand, these are some delectable delights. And always practice on your family, not guests. ;-)

The following recipies were done by other people. Should their sites ever go down, tell me, so I can put up mirrors and fix the links. First I list all the recipies I found so far (not all of them, obviously!). Second, I list sites which specialize (to a fair extent) in cucumber recipies.

Ginger Peanut Pasta Salad
Cucumber Salad
Cucumber Raita (East Indian)
Kurkkusalaatti (Cucumber sour cream salad) [iChef]
Herbed Cucumber Canapes [Biteline]
Cucumber Dip
Cucumber Chicken
Moroccan Turkey with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce [Butterball]
Melon and Cucumber Soup [The Santessons]
Cucumber Vinaigrette [BCHothouse]
DLM Recipies - Cucumber Sandwiches
Neighbor's Cucumber-Dill Dip [ichef]
Cucumber with Coconut (vegan)
Sunomono (Cucumber Salad with Crab, Japanese)
Old cucumber soup (Singapore/Malaysia)
Pasta with grilled pork, scallions, and cucumber
Cold Shredded Cucumber with Green Bean Sprout
Cucumber in Mustard Dressing (vegan)
Cucumber & Tomato Salad [ichef]
Cucumber & Fennel With Orange-mint Dressing [ichef]
Cucumber dip (again?)
Cucumber Salad
Chilled Cucumber Soup
Tapenade in Cucumber (another Santesson favourite)
CACIK: Yogurt and cucumber salad
Roasted Potato and Cucumber Salad
Iced Cucumber Soup
Scandinavian Cucumber & Dill Salad
Cold Cucumber Mint Soup with Yogurt


The Santesson Recipe Collection A Swedish couple's repertoire. (cool!!)

B's Cucumber Pages - the science, lore, and delightful uses (culinary and otherwise) of the cucumber. Lots of recipes too. (cool!!)

Commercial Links

Aweta B.V. - Fast and accurate grading systems for apples, peaches, oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, roses and fish.

Zuccato - canned vegetables and food company specializing in sauerkraut and sweet and sour cucumbers. (cool!!)

Hollar seeds company

Mount Olive Pickle Company (cool!!)

tomato, squash, orange & cucumber. produce menu. It looks like a cybersupermarket to me.

Ginger-Lime Cucumber Pickles with Cinnamon Basil

Cucumber - Find Item A-Z | Start Over | Cucumber. Usage: Salads, sandwiches or on vegetable platters. Selection... (etc) -commercial site

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