Cool as a Cucumber

Picture of the prize

{ No Pun Intended }

Or should I say, no bad puns intended. Hmm. To claim your award, download the image above and add the following html to your page:

<a href=><img src=cool.gif border=0></a>

If you are having a hard tyme with it, please tell me and I will help you.

Sites officially designated "cool"

  • B's Cucumber Pages
  • The Santesson Recipe Collection
  • Mount Olive Pickle Company
  • Zuccato
  • ichef
  • Cucumber Cucumis sativus L.
  • Mathew's Mega-Cucumber (awarded 11/08/98)
  • Perhaps your site too :-)

    Note - 8 November 1998 - I still get emails about this page although I haven't worked on it in at least a year! =) It's nice, and perhaps this joke of a site has proven useful... heaven forbid ;o) If I've forgotten to add your site please email me.

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