"¿que diablos?"

Talking to your webmaster

Write to me anytime about any question you have regarding cucumbers. I will refer you to someone else if I cannot find a good answer for you. Of course, this can go in both directions - life is a two-way cucumber you know.

Don't ask about anything vegan, for I do not possess such knowledge. I am a fatback, grits, and cornbread kind of man, personally and my favourite food is. . . ice. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

The email address you may write to is: postmaster@smashing-pumpkins.com. I check it spore adically.

Care of the webmaster

Mail him lots of praise, boost his self-esteem. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE. "Gimme the chocolate and nobody gets hurt." (no, just kidding.) >:->

I don't much care about cucumbers, really--it was a spur of the moment project. Well, um, and the ice-cold, freshly cut cukes taste OK with salads too. . .